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Letter From The Secretary General

Dear delegates, advisors and guests,
It is my major honour to welcome you all to the first annual session of Model United Nations Conference of Erbakır Science High School which will be held in Denizli from November 21st-23rd. I am Pelin Çoban, a senior year high school student and I will be serving as the Secretary General of the MUNER’19.

It was my dream to organize this conference since the beginning, when I attended my first MUN in İzmir. I met so many incredible and inspiring people until then and with this conference I finally got the ability to meet you.
There isn’t any word or sentence in this language that can express neither my excitement nor my emotions at this point. I felt so lucky when I got the chance to manage a conference such as MUNER with my friends, our supporting advisors and with everyone who put their hearts and spend their time in every step we take.

We created 7 committees in total and each one of them is well prepared for different tastes to maximize your liking. We have 5 General Assembly committees and 2 Crisis committees which are all completely unique and designed to improve your communication and debating skills. I am sure that you will find what you desire in every committee of MUNER. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and all the teams has worked really hard to make this conference happen. Our only one purpose is to see you writing your resolutions, sending your directives and enjoying the event with the smiles on your face.

As the Secretary General of MUNER’19, I can’t wait to see you all in my school in this November. I hope that you will find everything you are looking for in a qualified Model United Nations Conference.

Best regards,
Pelin Çoban
Secretary General