When and where will MUNER'19 happen ?

MUNER’19 will be held between 21st – 23rd November at the building of Denizli Erbakır Science High School


How much is the fee for the conference ?

The fees are 145 TRY for individual delegates and 135 TRY for delegations (per delegate) in the early application period. Our committee director fee is 100 TRY and press member fee is 80 TRY

How many participants will there be at the conference ?

There will be approximately 250 participants; delegates, academic team and organization team included. 

Is accommodation included in the fee?

The fees are for the conference. The participants who need accommodation will be staying at our school dormitory. Fee for our accommadation is 80 TRY for 2 nights, breakfeast included. But the socials, food and everything else is included in the fees.

What are the committees and agendas?

We have 5 GA Committees and 2 Crisis Committees. 

Our first GA committe is Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its agenda item is “Impacts of High Population Growth Rate on Economic and Socio-Cultural Welfare of Member States.”

 Our second GA Committe is United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees and its agenda item is “Refugee Problems in Metropolitan Areas.”  

Our  third GA Committee is World Health Organization and its agenda item is “Globally Reducing the Usage of Dugs and Addicting Metarials.” 

Our fourth GA committee is United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and  Empowerment of Women and its agenda item is “Gender Repression as a Result of Patriarchal Society and All Forms of Violence Against Women.” 

Our fifth GA committee is Economic and Social Council and its agenda item is “Ensuring Foof Security in Conflicted Zones.”

 We also have a Crisis Cabinet about the dissolution of Austro-Hungarian Empire and our second crisis committee is International Criminal Polise Organization which both are going to be very unique and special.

What is the application deadline for the conference?

The application deadline for the delegates is 7th November.

How can I learn more about the conferance?

You can check our website munerofficial.org and our instagram page @munerofficial. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

E-mail: munerofficial@gmail.com.